by The Wish You Weres

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The first ever Wish You Weres release, this five song EP came out in June 2006. It was limited to only 100 physical copies. It includes two songs never used again after recording them, "Satisfied" and "Close To Me". The song "The Machine" was later included on the Sick Friend 7".


released June 1, 2006

Bryan Moore, Joey Coma, Kid Corruption



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The Wish You Weres Paducah, Kentucky

The Wish You Weres are a punk rock band from Paducah, KY formed in late 2004. They put out multiple releases and toured moderately between 2005 and 2011.

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Track Name: Understood
We come from different backgrounds & we're different ages / we've been through different trials & tribulations /some know what it's like to live the good life / some know what it's like to sleep hungry at night / we can all come together & unite at the show / like brothers in arms we can let it all go / we might not agree on what's right & what's wrong / but we can all agree there's something wrong with this world / we're the wish you were understood / to the outside world all they see is no good / when you're making your own way there's always complications / we're just trying to make since of our situations / some see the light ahead & they know that there's hope / some gave up on life a long time ago / we've all got our share of problems & we're making it clear / we're not out to pass judgment on anyone here / we can come to grips it's a rise not a fall / we can stick together for the good of us all
Track Name: Fuck The Neighbors
We don't really bother you, you're just being jerks / how's it really our fault you gotta go to work / say you're gonna call
the cops, you're being absurd / I hope that right now you can hear every word / fuck the neighbors / all you ever do is
bitch and complain / say our crazy music is driving you insane / you're not really reasonable, you're obviously absurd
I hope that right now you can choke on every word / fuck the neighbors