Father Said It Best

by The Wish You Weres

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The second EP release promoting and leading up to the release of "Left For Dead". 6 songs, all of which made it on "Left For Dead", though with slightly different versions/mixes. 100 limited run CDs.


released September 23, 2006



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The Wish You Weres Paducah, Kentucky

The Wish You Weres are a punk rock band from Paducah, KY formed in late 2004. They put out multiple releases and toured moderately between 2005 and 2011.

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Track Name: Thinking Of You
Take a bike ride in the springtime / surrounded by the butterflies / I daydream that you will be mine / then I crash into a beehive / I get mentally deprived thinking of you / I get all swelled up inside thinking of you / I was nearly stung alive thinking of you / take a walk out in the sunset / up against the rough shoreline / I thought I could hear you calling / I look up & then I fall in / I nearly drown thinking of you / got my head up in the clouds thinking of you /when they put me in the ground I'll be thinking of you / take a ride out in my car / think about the words we said /thought I saw a shooting star / then it hit me in the forehead / I got teardrops in my eyes thinking of you / I lose my mind thinking of you / & when I die I'll be thinking of you / & I can't function in society / what's wrong with me / I never really comprehend / don't understand / why must I be this kind of man / who always dreams / I'm living in a land of make believe / I'm thinking of you / & wishing you were here with me / take a walk out in the traffic / feel the breeze from cars gone by / I just wanna check the mail / turn around & then I'm nailed / I'm in intensive care thinking of you / I've got this vacant stare thinking of you / nothing else can compare to thinking of you
Track Name: Scum Of The Universe
Depending on the probability of reaching out across the universe & finding other life forms with abilities to reason & communicate & respond telepathically allowing us to multiply was purely out of sympathy & then with our technology defending insecurities we blow your fucking planet into bits.
Track Name: Rock N Roll
Goodness gracious baby bless my soul / I was born to rock n roll / I'm gonna rock around in my rockin ways / I'm gonna rock around in my rockin days / goodness gracious baby bless my soul / I was born to rock n roll / I'm gonna rock around with my rag top down / I'm gonna rock around to the rockin sound / when I get old & lose my hair / I'm gonna rock around in my rockin chair / oh yeah oh yeah, one thing I believe in / goodness gracious baby bless my soul / I was born to rock in roll / I'm gonna rock around & rock out loud / I'm gonna rock around & rock out proud goodness gracious baby bless my soul / I was born to rock n roll / I'm gonna rock around, it's my rockin dream / I'm gonna rock around till my neighbors scream / when I get old & lose my hair / I'm gonna rock around in my underwear
Track Name: Stay
Why did you go when I wanted you to stay / when your not beside me you always seem so far away / understanding
moments where you need to be free / but of all the things I want I never wanted you to leave / time keeps slipping all
around us / I wish it would stand still / world keeps moving even faster / never time to do / all the things we need to
do now
Track Name: One More Day
Just one more day to pretend there’s no pain / & that nothing is wrong with my life / can I make it till tomorrow living in this sea of sorrow / or will I be overcome by pain & strife / well I'm fed up with this world / you can blow it all away / work all night & sleep all day / they slander me at will & I can barely pay the bills / man there's got to be a better way when I think about tomorrow / & all the good times it might bring / I try not to get my hopes up / cause things just don't work out for me / I still try to see the positive / for whatever that may prove / it's always nice to keep your dreams alive / Wish You Weres through and through
Track Name: Suburban Perfection
I live alone in suburban perfection / & I just don't fit in / surrounded by your southern religion / I'm my only friend
living in the land of hypocrisy / I'm finding it hard to swallow all your lies / so I don't even try / we're shadowed in
the rumor of opportunity / there’s piles of money from sea to shining sea / just not for you & me / (chorus)
everywhere I go I get looked at like I'm crazy / even though it's your structure driving me insane / I'm not the one
deranged / there's so many problems and too much confusion / so I just get a new tattoo to hide / a deeper pain
inside / (chorus) / all hope is lost and the worlds upside down / it's true the ones you trust are the ones that hurt
how can it get much worse / better watch your back cause the streets are filled with fear / something's wrong when
one kid kills another / so why destroy each other / (chorus)